On the Hunt in Berkeley, CA

Recently, I decided I needed a quick adventure, for a Monday that is. I called up Rachel Rae from @BurlapBowDecor and before we knew it we were headed to Berkeley, CA to find some fun vintage things and spark up some creativity! Our first stop was at Ohmega Salvage. I love this place because it has so many one of a kind pieces and amazing textiles that you can customize your home with. So here began the treasure hunt...

I fell in love with this hutch, it reminded me of something I would put in my dream, Spanish style home.

Next stop, Urban Ore Eco Park!

I meant business! See, I even wore my comfy shoes!

So, after narrowing down what we were going to be taking with us, we had to tetris style pack it into the car. After, we rewarded ourselves with a delicious lunch and a little drink!

While shopping, I came across this beautiful tongue and groove dresser, with perfect detail. The drawers still opened and closed like butter! Leaving it there just wasn't an option, so onto the cart it went. I can't wait to transform it!

Just when I thought I was done, I was walking out of the door and spotted a pile of railings. Now, here's where the crafty part came in of trying to fit everything in the car like a puzzle! But we did it, and I'm so excited to give new life to these finds.