Dr. Seuss Cabinet Inspired by Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Some of our favorite pieces to paint are for kids rooms or nurseries - because usually they are fun, playful, and full of color! This cabinet was made especially for a Dr. Seuss themed room. What better way to complete it than with Annie Sloan's bright Antibes green?!

This look is so easy to create! Here's how!

What you'll need:

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan - Antibes Green

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan - Old White

Clear Wax

Sandpaper - I used a 220 Grit

Step One:

Paint an even coat of Antibes green over the outside of the cabinet. Paint the inside, drawers and all, Old White. We also chose to paint all the hardware and drawer pulls in Antibes.

Step Two:

On the second coat for the outside of the cabinet, we dipped half of our paint brush in Old White and the other half in Antibes Green. Then apply by brushing with the grain of the wood. This will achieve even strokes of two colors that gives a more textured look. You will see the two colors start to mix together on your piece. This is where the fun begins! Experiment with different brush strokes, applying different levels of pressure, to see what look you prefer! Once you master the way you like it, repeat that technique over the entire piece and on the hardware. Next, paint a second coat of Old White on the inside of the cabinet.

Step Three:

When your paint is dry to the touch it's time to WAX with Annie Sloan Clear Wax! You are going to Clear Wax the entire cabinet, distress with sandpaper, then add a final coat of Clear Wax. Make sure with each Clear Wax application you rub it in evenly and completely.

The time has come, take a step back and check out your beautiful piece!

If you tried this technique we would love to see! Make sure you tag us @OwlBoxVintage and use #MyOwlBoxProject when you post it online! We want to see what fun colors you chose to play with!