What's There to do in Tracy?#TracyToDos

As I was writing this blog title, my fiance took over my keyboard and literally typed: "answer-nothing." So naturally I decided that I had to prove him and all of the nasty commenters on Facebook and Instagram wrong. We are living in a commuter town; that's not news to anyone. But c'mon people, there are a ton of businesses and events to support in this town. I have decided to TRY and change the conversation; even though I have no idea if anybody actually reads this thing. But heck, let's at least give it a shot! I am committing to writing one blog a month to highlight all of the upcoming #tracytodos.

You know what I would love?? Join me! Comment below on upcoming events and local businesses to support. Use #tracytodos on your social media pages when you are doing something fun in our not-so-little town of Tracy. Comment below on what kind of events you would like to attend!! How do we bring more to our town-support what is already here!!

More People = Growth

More Local Spending = Growth

More Local Love = More Things to Love Locally

Let's cultivate an environment downtown that is conducive to the development of more boutiques, more restaurants, more bars, more events! Isn't that what we all want??!

Here's what is going on in April and May:

THIS Friday, April 29th from 7pm-10pm in Downtown Tracy - Taps on Tenth

22 Breweries, Food Trucks, & Local Restaurants on 10th street!! - Tell me that doesn't sound fun.

Order tickets via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/taps-on-tenth-tickets-19431293522

EVERY Saturday from 8am - 1pm on Tenth Street - Tracy's Downtown Farmer's Market

Shop local fruits and veggies! Buy some beautiful bouquets of flowers to brighten up your home! YOU MUST visit the ahi tuna guy and get some Hawaiian Poke.

Friday, May 6th - Girls' Night Out an Evening at Gatsby's

Order tickets via http://atthegrand.org/BoxOfficeTickets/

Saturday, May 7th - Dancing with the Tracy Stars

Order tickets via http://atthegrand.org/BoxOfficeTickets/

Friday, May 20th thru Sunday, May 22nd - Seussical the Musical

Order tickets via http://atthegrand.org/BoxOfficeTickets/

Saturday, May 21st from 8am - 4pm - Downtown Tracy's Vintage & Antique Street Fair

Hosted by TCCA & The Owl Box! We're closing down the street and we've got 25 vintage and antique vendors for ya!

Every 3rd Saturday, April - November 2nd Avenue hosts a Vintage Vendor Faire in their parking lot!

Visit Downtown Tracy's newest restaurant, Bistro 135 (135 W. 10th St.) Do yourself a favor and order a slice of their chocolate Kahlua cake!

Their's a Cuban Salsa class at The Grand Theater?? Pop over to their website and see all of the fun stuff they have to offer: http://atthegrand.org/Calendar/

So, who's with me?? Is anybody out there?

When you are grabbing your yummy coffee at Barista's (112 W. 10th St.) - Tag #tracytodos on your insta!

When you are having happy hour at Sonia's Mexican Restaurant (2321 N. Tracy Blvd.) - Tweet #tracytodos!

When you are eating brunch on the patio at Town & Country (27 W. 10th St.) - Tag #tracytodos on Fbook!

Let's do this. Let's highlight the good and see what happens.

I've got a good feeling,