Bringing Vintage Back to Life with Annie Sloan

By now you know that we LOVE Chalk Paint®! Recently, we received a beautiful tall-boy dresser to bring back to life. After a few paint swatches we decided on Country Grey! This color is a creamy perfect "greige" and is neutral enough to go in almost any room!

Let's start, shall we?

What you'll need:

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan - "Country Grey"

Dark wax by Annie Sloan

Clear Wax by Annie Sloan

Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner

Gold Gilding Wax


*Don't worry, we have all of these available at The Owl Box. Your one stop shop!*

Step One: Let's Paint!

I started by the usual, wiping down (no sanding) and cleaning my piece with Dirtex. I took all of the drawers out, then painted 2 full coats of Country Grey and let it dry completely. You will do this on all of the drawers, hardware, and the body of the dresser.

Step Two: Dresser Body

Apply a coat of Annie's dark wax mixed with some mineral spirits/paint thinner over the entire body of the dresser, wiping after each stroke blending the wax in to the paint. You want it to achieve an even application of the dark wax and spirits mixture.

Step Three: Shadowing the Drawers

You are going to apply the dark wax/spirits mixture around the edges of the drawer as pictured below. Before the dark wax dries completely you are going to take the clear wax on a towel or wax brush and blend it in, creating a gradient effect. Here is an example using the nightstand we also gave a makeover!

Step Four: Handles and Drawer pulls

Apply the dark wax in a stippling motion to the handles then wiping away. This allows the dark wax to get into the detail of the drawer pulls and create a beautiful antique look.

Step Five: Distressing

Using a 180 or 220 grit sandpaper you want to distress the edges, concentrating on areas that would have natural wear. I always distress the hardware as well to give it an even more aged look!

Step 6: Clear wax the entire piece, hardware and all!

Step 7: The Final Sparkle!

Time to give the finishing touches. Using my finger I apply the gold gilding wax to the edges and detail of the hardware. This just gives a shimmering finishing touch that I absolutely love!

We are loving the way the dresser has turned out, a perfectly "new" aged antique piece! Check out below what your piece will look like before you wax (nightstand) and after (dresser)!

We also offer custom painting for any existing pieces you may have, or if you see a piece in our shop we can help transform it for you! We hope you make a visit soon. If you tried this technique, tag us in a photo, we love to see! @OwlBoxVintage