Our FAVORITE Treasure Hunting Route!

Over the years, we have seen many insides (and outsides!) of antique, vintage, and second hand shops. Just outside of our small farm town is the city of Stockton, and this is where we have found some of our most coveted treasure hunting spots. We are sharing our golden list with you! We hope you have as much success in finding antiques and vintage as we have!

1. The Hope Chest

6112 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Good furniture selection

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Abundance of clothes, linens, and dishes

2. D-Thrift

7912 West Lane Suite 221, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Always new stuff

  • Baskin-Robbins is next door!

3. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

4933 West Lane, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Gives back to the community

  • Sells building materials that were unused so they don't go to waste!

4. American Cancer Society

207 E Alpine Ave, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • They give back to cancer awareness

  • Special sale days!

5. Outlet Thrift Store **Rachel's Fav!**

1212 Harding Way, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Great selection of dishware and serving dishes

  • Lot's of clothes and unique pieces


One of our favorite places to refuel for afternoon hunting is at Manny's California Fresh Cafe (1612 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA) The chicken sandwich is always a must! Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

After a full tummy... back to shopping!

6. Superior Thrift Store **Gail's Fav!**

1135 N. Wilson Way, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • GREAT selection of dishware and smalls

  • Always have new things coming in and we have been very successful at finding unique pieces. It's one of our favorite hidden gems!

7. Goodwill

66 S. Wilson, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Clean and organized

  • Good customer service

8. Salvation Army

1247 S Wilson Ave, Stockton, CA

What we love:

  • Good selection of clothing

  • Gives back to the community

Here's a sneak peek at some pieces we LOVED!

Rachel found a lamp! Wait until you see what she does with it next week on our blog! You'll LOVE it!

We hope you all enjoy our favorite places to shop, and if you find goodies don't forget to tag us so we can see too!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck hunting!


Rachel and Gail