DIY: Painting Nursery Furniture

Recently we got the chance to revamp some amazing furniture for a very lucky little girl and her room! Kid's furniture is always one of my fav's to paint and stain because I get to use COLOR, woohoo! Being a little bohemian at heart, I love the process of these projects. I've broken it down into 5 easy steps so you can do-it-yourself!

What you'll need:

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan - "Scandinavian Pink"

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan - "Pure White"

General Finishes Glaze - "Winter White"

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

Annie Sloan Dark Wax

Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner

Comfy clothes and good music!

Step 1:

Prep your piece by cleaning it. You can wipe it down with Dirtex (we LOVE Dirtex) or just clean it with plain old dish soap and warm water. If you go the dish soap route, be sure to go back and wipe off all of the soapy residue with a wet towel. What's so fantastic about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is that there is no sanding or priming before you paint! Just clean (clean very well) and go!

Step 2:


1 part Scandinavian Pink

3 Parts Pure white

I painted two full coats and let it dry completely. Depending on the weather and your atmosphere it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. It dries pretty darn quickly!


Step 3:

Apply General Finishes "Winter White" glaze with a synthetic brush. Immediately wipe off any excess glaze to achieve a white wash look. It is very important to apply and wipe back the glaze with the wood grain and with a consistent pressure. Take your time with this step to achieve an even looking wash of white.

Step 3:

Next I applied a combination of the Annie Sloan Dark Wax and mineral spirits (paint thinner will work to). Apply the dark wax mixture the same as the glaze, slowly and with a synthetic brush. Wipe off any excess wax but let it build up in the creases and detail. You'll have some open time to rub in and even out the dark wax mixture. So work in small areas at a time.

Step 4:

Wait at least 24 hours then apply your finishing touches. I took 220 grit sandpaper and distressed the edges and any detailed area. This will give it a more organic and naturally worn look!


Step 5:

Lastly, Wax on, Wax off! Now it's time to seal the deal and cover this beauty with two coats of clear wax. Let the first layer dry, and apply the second to finish up.

Take a step back, and admire! If you use any of these products we would LOVE to see, so make sure to tag us on facebook and instagram! @OwlBoxVintage