Farmhouse Charm

Bohemian vintage has always been my personal and decor style. I decorate with what I love, always! I have also have a soft spot for more narural textiles that come along with rustic or farmhouse decor. This week, I'm sharing with you some new accessories that would put the charm in your farmhouse!

Tobacco Baskets

Originally used for, you guessed it, tobacco! These shallow, woven baskets were used for drying out the leaves before they were shipped off for processing. We can't help but love how unique these drying baskets are! And yes, they are giant! Perfect for over a mantel, or you know, that wall we never know what to do with!

Egg Cup

I don't think it gets much more classic than this. What do you think when you see an egg cup? Downton Abbey and the family having beautiful breakfasts on sprawling English farmland? Or do you think of a proper southern home with a tree lined driveway, and columns with a family eating an early breakfast before it the southern, summer heat picks back up? Either way, we love bringing back classic dishware back to everyday use!

Natural wood tray

This year we are seeing so much more industrial farmhouse style. Pairing so many metals and woods together, mixing and matching! The beautiful wood lines make this tray perfect with no accessories, or you can add a few and charm it up a bit!


I love using bottles and glass to decorate any space. You can layer as many as you'd like without having it look too heavy or cluttered, because you can see right through them. This bottle set is perfect for a coffee table, it gives height and shape variation without distraction. Add a few sprigs of leaves or dried lavender and you've got yourself a perfect centerpiece!

Woven Basket Trays

These Basket trays are one of the most versitile accessories. I have seen them carry lemonade and also hung on the wall as decor! They are perfect for layering or covering a large table area as well as maybe even adding a natural element to the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Preserved Cotton

Decorating with dried foliage doesn't always have to be flowers, or green! I'm all about bringing the outside in, and these preserved cotton buds are perfect to add some height, a little touch of nature and softness (no pun intended!) to any vase or jar!

We sure hope to see you all in soon, and if you want to share how you bring rustic charm to your home, tag us, we love to see! @OwlBoxVintage