Flare for Flannel

Well, Winter has sure moved in! This season I have been living in my flannels, but specifically, Farmstead Flannels! They are all pre-washed, so you know exactly what size you're getting (and keeping!). They're made from high quality vintage fabric and are as soft as could be. There are so many different ways to wear them, depending on your mood and the weather.

You can wear them open, if it's too warm for a jacket but too cool for short sleeves. Love the versitility of them!

I love curling up in a warm flannel, but sometimes you gotta add a little sass to your style. A cute knot at the waist can tie an outfit together (pun!) and add wanted layers!

I mean, who didn't love the 90's?! I may have still been in grade school but I always loved the flannel and boots look. Add a little pink in the mix and it's a YES for me!

Come on in and try them on! If you own a Farmstead Flannel, tag us in your look @OwlBoxVintage