Operation: Moisturize!

Man, Oh Man has it been chilly here lately! Winter has hit Northern California and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. Before I turned into a raisin, I started using a few Panier Des Sens products. They're filled with mediterrenean richness and infused with olive oils.

Not only do they use almost all natural products (paraben and silicone free!) but they also don't test on animals. So all of the little furry friends are never harmed! You can find all of these products on our website! OwlBoxVintage.com

There's nothing like French soap, it's so luxurious and always leaves my skin feeling perfectly clean. This shower cream has organic Olive Oil infused into it, leaving my skin extra soft and moisturized.

This Body butter has saved my elbows and everything else more times than I can count. Although it's rich and thick, it's not sticky or greasy, which I absolutely LOVE!

I keep this little gem in my purse at all times! This is also infused with organic olive oil and leaves your skin feeling spa-like all day!

Hope you all stay warm and moisturized this winter!