O Christmas Tree! Kids Craft!

One of my favorite things as a kid was making Christmas crafts! Nothing like busting out the glue and paint on a rainy, winter day. So I decided (yes, on a rainy day) I was going to bust out my crafting skills once again! I came up with these easy and fun stick trees, hope you enjoy!

What You'll need:

*Wooden Paint Sticks- yep, the good 'ol fashioned kind!

*Paint- I went with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan (of course!) I used "Pure White" for the trunk of the tree and "Antibes Green" for the greenery

*Clear Soft Wax by Annie Sloan

*Sandpaper (not shown) for distressing

*Hot glue gun

*Wire cutters for the wood


First things first, que the Christmas music and pour some hot cocoa!

1). Decide how large you would like your tree to be. In this case we will be using 7 sticks, for 7 tiers.

2). Leave the bottom stick un cut and work your way upward. Using your wire cutters, shorten each additional stick approx. 1"-1 1/2" shorter than the last on one side only.

3). Alternate the sticks with flat end and round end to give a little differentiation.

4). TIME TO PAINT! After you have arranged your sticks in the order you'd like, go ahead and paint 1ishcoats letting it dry before flipping over and painting the opposite side. Don't forget the trunk also!

5). After all of the sticks are dry, you are going to take your sandpaper and sand the edges. This gives it that vintage distressed look!

6). Wax on! You are going to take your clear soft wax and brush (or cotton towel/tshirt) and wax the brushes front and back. This will richen the green color and also bring the texture of the wood to come through. Not to mention seal it too!

7). Time for Glue! You are going to take your hot glue gun and run two lines down the white trunk stick, leaving about 1 1/2" or so at the bottom. Then, take your pieces and starting from the top, lay them ascending in size. Have fun with it, layer some sticks (as shown) and make it whimsical!

Let it dry, and Voila! You have yourself a pretty little Christmas tree!

I hope you all have fun making this, and don't forget to tag us if you make yours!

Instagram: @OwlBoxVintage