Top 5 of the week: Thanksgiving table!

Well, it's here! Finally Thanksgiving week! There are so many wonderful things about this time of the year, but one of my fav's is decorating the Thanksgiving table. These are some of my solutions for sprucing up the main event!

Pick #1: Truth is, you can use these all year long! But, we all know how messy the kid's table can get! These are paper runners, with no clean up or washing necessary! Simply toss them when everyone is finished. This year, be the cool Aunt/Grandma/Cousin/Sister and add some crayons so the kids can draw on it with!

Pick #2: Ah, now for the "Adult" table. These linens are anything but boring! They come in many different sizes, shapes and of course patterns. It's sure to add some Thanksgiving cheer to your table!

Pick #3: Tablescape! Now, we all have that uncle who may just knock over the candles when grabbing the salt. These flameless candles are stunning and have the perfect glow for your table! And, alas are very safe for Uncle Clumsy! Adding a little pine tree foliage is a great way to officially welcome the Christmas season in as well!

Pick #4: What's Thanksgiving without a Turkey?! How fun to style this bird within the appetizer table or even foyer table to welcome your guests!

Pick #5: I always love to add a hint of the Christmas holiday to come! With this whimsical red and pinecone print, I think it'll bring extra cheer to your successful Thanksgiving dinner!

All of these picks are available at the shop right now! I hope to see you soon, so we can shop and swap receipes!