Top 5 Picks of the Week: Staying Cozy!

Ahh, Finally! Crisp air, scarves, boots and warm drinks are needed and not just wanted! This week I have put together some of my favorite cozy and warm things from The Owl Box!

Pick #1: This blush poncho is perfect for layering and it's light enough to put over your favorite thermal. It has an Autumn bohemian vibe, with it's pattern, flowy sleeves and hem.

Pick #2: Do you even scarf? I mean, of course you do, it's what we wait months for! I am obsessing over extra wide linen scarves lately. It gives you the fullness without all of the weight. So cute to wrap or tie around your neck!

Pick #3: I love cable knit sweater plates! Bet you never thought you'd hear that as a sentence! You can use these as gifts to put holiday desserts on, displays in the china hutch or even to leave Santa's cookies on!

Pick #4: Candles, candles, candles! A perfect evening, your favorite holiday movie on and the crockpot going! What's better? Well, maybe add some holiday cookies on cable knit sweater plates! Yes, perfect!

Pick #5: Make a wish! How cosmopolitan are these little wishbone mugs? Loving the gold accent and the cheery teal color! Some warm hot chocolate would top off the perfection!

Tag us on Instagram @OwlBoxVintage or #AtTheOwlBox with your new coziness! I hope you all have a beautiful rest of the week!