Creating the perfect side table

When styling a side table there are endless possibilities. But there are three key things I always try to keep in mind. Height: having different variations of height gives a dynamic composition and draws the eye to all of the different accessories you've decided for your table. Use books to lift an object or a tray in order to achieve just the right look! I love how the books are all about the same size and the lamp has rounded, curvy qualities. It gives dimension, depth, and looks like there was a thought put into the layout! Textures: Using different shapes and textures creates a balance. If you have too many round objects or straight lines it can look a bit uniform, we want cozy and organic! Using greenery (or in this case dried lavender!) gives a softness to the set up. ALWAYS add some nature to your vignettes! Layering: Now this is a favorite of mine! I wanted to make sure there were different layers within the accessories. Notice how they all are tucked in different areas and not perfectly lined up. This goes back into creating dimension. The candle creates an ambience and even catches your sense of smell (it's heavenly, trust me!) I placed it closest to the edge and mostly in the center to help set a focal point. Choose accessories with different finishes, for example I have a shiny mercury glass candle, woven lamp shade, worn books and skinny lavender leaves, the perfect marriage!

(Table painted in Paloma by Annie Sloan with a Coco wash and a Clear Wax finish)

Have fun playing around with your side table vignettes and update throughout the seasons. I always love to see how creative everyone is, don't forget to tag @OwlBoxVintage if you post your side table vignette! Xo, Rachel