Jewelry Wardrobe

Ever walk into a store, let's say Nordstroms for instance, and even the costume jewels have an extra sparkle to them? The displays, the lighting it's all too perfect and makes you want to cover yourself in gems and jewels! Here's an easy and dreamy way to display your jewelry at home.

I decided to get creative when it came to our Jewelry display, we wanted something classic and elegant, like the lines and grooves from the hutch. For the color I used "Olive", then a "Duck Egg" wash, finished with a clear wax coat, all from Chalkpaint® by Annie Sloan. It's amazing what a little paint can do!

Glass shelving and the right lighting is also important! Higher wattage bulbs and the use of mirrors = more sparkle! Add a mirrored tray, mount a mirror on the back of the hutch to admire your pretties as you put them on! By replacing the existing shelving with glass, light will be able to fill up the entire hutch as opposed to just the top shelf. Then the mirrors will mulptiply all that fabulous glitz!

To display the extra fancy jewels, a small curio cabinet would be perfect. I love how it stands out while still complimenting its surroundings. This would be great for a smaller collection or used for a smaller space in your home. They're not just for displaying grandmas treasures anymore!

You can pickup jewlery displays at almost any craft store. Get crafty and add burlap or a pretty fabric around them! Sticking with classic black velvet, I love the contrast it keeps with each piece. Don't overlook thrift stores for cute bowls to throw rings and other small keep sakes in!

This is something that can be so easily recreated at home and in a corner of your bedroom or even if you're lucky enought to have a big walk in closet. Life should be filled with things you love to look at, why not feel like you're shopping when picking out your jewelry for the day?