Junking Our Way Down McHenry Ave

Our customers are always asking us where we find our goodies. Honestly, the answer is EVERYWHERE! Junking is hit or miss, so you always have to be looking. We spend our early mornings at estate sales and garage sales, our weekends at auctions, flea markets, barn sales, and swap meets, and our week days off at Goodwill's, thrift stores, and Salvation Army's. On any given day you can find an awesome haul or leave with goose egg, zilch, nada.

We thought we'd start sharing some of our favorite spots a city at a time. Follow us along our journey down McHenry Avenue in Modesto, California. Before you head out on your own hunt, be sure to pack water, snacks, sunscreen, and some bags to carry your finds. You never know how long you'll go without finding some grub or if you'll stumble upon a fabulous outdoor market, so be prepared. Alright let's rock and roll..


1. We started at The Hope Chest at 4143 McHenry Ave.


The Hope Chest has a huge selection of clothes, furniture, and housewares. New merchandise comes in daily but their biggest drop of new goods is on Monday. This place is definitely worth a visit, especially if you have time near the begining of the week. All proceeds from The Hope Chest are used to support the patients and families of Community Hospice. No better way to reuse and repurpose than by supporting such a wonderful cause.

Our next stop was right around lunch time, so naturally we couldn't pass up Fuddruckers. I was a little skeptical when the sign claimed they had the greatest hamburgers... they proved me wrong and I will be back.


2. Next we went to Habitat For Humanity at 3124 McHenry Ave.


There are two Habitat For Humanity stores in Modesto. The other is located at 630 Kearny Ave and is much bigger! The one on McHenry has a large selection of hardware, lighting, plumbing, cabinets, and furniture. New merchandise comes in daily, you never know what you'll find here. A lot of fun building supplies that could be repurposed; it's a great place to find a fun and funky project. All profits go towards building homes for low income families.





3. Directly across the street from Habitat for Humanity you will find 2nd Chance Consignment & Costume Corner at 3113 McHenry Ave.


They have a great selection of gently used womens fashion and accessories, some furniture, and a full costume rental section in the back. What a fun store! We got a sneak peek at the back room full of costumes!



On our way out we spotted this cutie and couldn't leave without it!


Privately owned and operated for 28 years, we'll definitely be back to support this small family business.

4. If you are looking for small items, housewares, or clothes, The Good Samaritan at 2500 McHenry Ave might be for you.


They have a small amount of furniture but it is a clean, well organized thrift store benefitting local ministries.

5. A few blocks down the road you'll find a Goodwill located at 2401 McHenry Ave.


This is a good-sized Goodwill, with a good selection of clothes, furniture, and housewares. Always worth a stop!

6. We ended our day at another Hope Chest at 1241 McHenry Ave.


This Hope Chest has a GREAT selection of quality furniture, but their prices are a little high.


We mainly come here for their huge selection of books and records. They have a nice size room in the back full of almost new to vintage books and vinyl at great prices.



These are just a few of the MANY thrift stores in Modesto. To find the good stuff, you've got to look often, keep an open mind, and bring a pal to help you carry the heavy stuff! Happy hunting everyone! We'll be posting more of our days spent junking in the coming months. We'd love to see the fun pieces you've found. Please post pics in the comments section below.

- Get Inspired, Be Creative, Make a Mess

Rachel xoxo