Our Month-Late New Year's Resolution

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am addicted to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. In that order. I can't speak for my Mother, but I do catch her on social media more often than not. With my recent addiction, comes a huge amount of pressure to become a fabulous chef, throw fabulously themed dinner parties, get a whole new wardrobe, and take up jogging. Then there is my old college roommate on my Facebook newsfeed who apparently just completed a 30 day juice cleanse. Hey, I was going to do that. Next, I pop over to Instagram and see a random acquaintance just hung a perfectly balanced gallery wall in her living room. She incorporated a chevron stripe, a Kate Spade gold polka dot, antlers, and it looks like effortless perfection without being too trendy. How the heck did she accomplish that?? Now which wall in my house needs a gallery wall? I know there is a wall somewhere that NEEDS a gallery.

So how do we keep enjoying following the lives of our family, friends, and favorite bloggers without losing appreciation for all the wonderful things we already have?! Does this balance exist? As I was pondering this thought, I came across this quote... on Pinterest (naturally). So I Facebooked, Instagrammed, then blogged it here...


So, I can love where I am AND love where I want to be..... AND be inspired by it. Hmmm. I like that. Hence my month-late New Year's resolution. Rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses, I will use social media as a tool to be inspired but not let it dictate my happiness.

My mom and I opened up The Owl Box because we love to create. We love to find that perfect gift for a special person and wrap it up in a beautiful way. We love to host a dinner party, and set the table with a subtle theme. But now.. all the pressure to: build all of your living room furniture out of recycled wood, to have a dessert baked in a mason jar, and to hand make party favors out of artisinal vintage paper is overwhelming!

So... what if we just did what we thought was beautiful. When we felt the inspiration to do it. And in those everyday moments when we don't feel inspired, we can feel okay about that too.


- Get Inspired, Be Creative, Make a Mess (Only if you feel like it.)

Rachel xoxo