A Beautifully Bittersweet Holiday out at 8010


As many of you have heard..... Drumroll please.... The Owl Box is moving to downtown Tracy (in January or February of 2015). We couldn't be more anxious and excited to take such a big leap. We had high hopes of being all settled in by this passing Fall. However, our patience is being tested due to much needed renovations to our fabulous new (to us) building. We will be moving into a portion of the old Tracy Press building at 131 W. 10th Street. We are still open and full of MANY Christmas goodies at our existing location,inside M&M Builder's Supply and Nursery located at 8010 West 11th Street. We are thrilled to be moving into a building that is full of so much Tracy history. So many wonderful tales of our great town have been written and printed inside those walls over the years. We couldn't imagine a better place to begin our next chapter. And still, with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts we begin to mentally prepare ourselves to leave M&M Builder's Supply and Nursery. Owner, Shawn Kelley opened up his second home to us without flinching. His kindness and sense of humor pulled us through rough times and his unwavering support brought us to where we are today. We would like to thank all of our fabulous customers for their support and patience during what seems to be a never ending transition. Without you, we wouldn't be able to take this next step. Your continued patronage gives us the opportunity to keep our doors open during this time! We have received two very different reactions to our move: 1. "Oh, how great! It will be so much easier to shop when you're closer to town!" 2. "Aww, we love coming out to this beautiful nursery to poke around and escape a little! It's just so quaint and charming out here!" We understand!! We couldn't feel both of these contradicting thoughts more than we already do!! We have so much love for the adventurers who live for the hunt and are always looking for that hidden gem no matter how far off the beaten path. For they share our hearts. On the other hand, moving downtown was a no brainer. Our customers will be able to find us so much easier. We'll become a part of the Tracy downtown community. We'll have so much more room to create, create, create! Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated move-in date. Every morning I wake up impatient and antsy, anticipating when the day will come for us to move. Then I open up our little shop out at M&M and am filled with so much sadness that life will be bringing us down a new path. My mother and I have built our dreams here with the help of so many wonderful friends and family members. Those memories will always be held very dear to my heart. So please, come on down and visit us as we finish up our last holiday season at M&M Builder's Supply and Nursery. We have a ton of great merchandise and all of our Christmas is now 30% Off!

With the new year, will come a new journey for us. We are so thankful that you have come along for the ride

- Get Inspired, Be Creative, Make a Mess

Rachel xoxo