How to Wax like a Pro Using Annie Sloan Soft Wax


We love Annie Sloan Soft Wax; it is our favorite top coat to work with for many reasons. It's easy to apply, is extremely durable, and has a beautiful matte luster. It's perfect for kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, and anything else in your home that has heavy use. Follow these basic steps to become a pro!


Annie Sloan's Soft Wax CAN be a breeze to use! Don't over complicate it! Lightly brush it on and the Chalk Paint® will absorb everything that it needs. Immediately wipe off all excess wax lying on top of the surface with a clean, lint free rag. Drag your finger over the surface you just waxed, if you see your fingerprint, there is TOO MUCH WAX. Continue wiping off with a new, clean rag.

The two most important things to remember are: to be conservative when applying the product and to give the wax the necessary time to cure. It will dry in 24 hours but It takes 4-6 weeks for it to properly cure into a hard, protective, top coat! You may use the painted piece after it has dried, but remember to be gentle until it has properly cured! If your piece gets scuffed before it has cured, don't worry! You can easily touch it up by rubbing some more wax on the scratched area, then wipe off the excess to edit the blemish. Unlike most other top coats you would need to sand down to raw wood and start from square one. Furniture wax, like Annie Sloan's, has been used for centuries, all over the world, to protect beautiful antique furniture while giving it a stunning sheen.

We hope these tips help! Leave us any questions you may have in the comment section. We'd love to help you master this technique!

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